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Erasing Items in Recycle Bin

Table 118. Availability






Account admins can erase files from the Recycle bin.

When you need to free up some storage space or just delete some unneeded tasks, folders, and projects that are still in the Recycle bin, you can use the Erase option.

Erase items from the Recycle bin

  1. Go to the Home page.

  2. Click the Recycle bin.

  3. To quickly erase all the tasks in the bin you can use mass actions:

    • Click the mass selection icon Mass_Selection_Icon.png at the top of the view.

    • Then click Select All.

    • Select Erase in the panel that appears on the right.

  4. To erase folders and projects, open their info panels and click the Erase button in the upper-right corner.


In the Recycle bin, just like everywhere else in the account, account admins can only see and erase items that are shared with them. If users need to erase some specific tasks, folders, or projects, they need to share them with admins.