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Project Status

Table 5. Availability






Any users except for collaborators can change project status if they have a full or editor access role.

Use project statuses to indicate how your project is progressing. As your project advances, update it with the relevant status. The status you choose will be displayed in the status field and changed to the relevant color.

Professional and Free accounts have five default statuses:

  • New

  • In Progress

  • Completed

  • On Hold

  • Canceled

Business and Enterprise accounts can set their project to have any of their custom workflows.

By default new projects are created with the New status, or the first status in the custom workflow you assigned the project.

Change project status

There are three ways to change project status in Wrike:

  • From the project info panel click the status field and choose from the drop-down menu. Click the tick box to mark the project as complete.

  • In Table view right-click the relevant project, select Mark as, and choose a status from the drop-down menu.

  • In List view right-click the relevant project, select Mark as,and choose a status from the drop-down menu.

Both of these methods give Business and Enterprise users the option to change the workflow of one of their custom workflows.


You can filter out completed and canceled projects so they don't clutter your views in Wrike. Use the filter icon and select All active tasks.