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Personal Space

Table 9. Availability






All users have access to a Personal space.

Personal space is a private workspace that allows you to organize and manage your work in a way that fits your work style. When you create your account, Wrike automatically creates a Personal space for you.

Your Personal space and everything within it is visible only to you by default. You can share tasks, projects, or folders housed within your Personal space with other users. However, you can't share the whole space.

Each Personal space contains two pre-created smart folders: My to-do and Created by me. These folders help you organize and prioritize your assignments.

It’s not possible to rename a Personal space or invite other users to it. Personal spaces can’t be configured or deleted.


Users on Business accounts and higher can apply a custom workflow to their Personal space. Right-click the space in the left-hand navigation panel and select the workflow from the menu that appears. After you do that, all tasks you create in Personal space will get the first active status of the applied workflow.