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Enterprise Account Admin Permissions

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Controlled admin permissions are a feature of Enterprise accounts. It allows different admin users within the account to be granted different permissions.

In Enterprise accounts, controlled admin permissions are grouped into categories.

Permissions granted by account owners only

The following permission categories can be granted to admins only by account owners.

Permission category

Gives admins the ability to

Log in as another user

  • Log in as other users (regular and external users and/or collaborators)

Grant/revoke admin rights

  • Grant and revoke admin rights from other users

  • Edit admin permissions for regular admins

  • Log in as any user, including collaborators and regular admins

  • Delete regular admins

Permissions granted by admins

The following permission categories can be granted to admins by account owners or admins with the right to grant/revoke admin rights.

Permission category

Gives admins the ability to

Edit names and emails, add/remove people from groups, deactivate and delete individual user accounts*

  • Edit and delete regular users, external users, and collaborators

  • Change a user’s license type

  • Delete and add user emails

  • Add and remove users from user groups

  • Grant users group admin permissions

  • Export a list of users

Transfer resources when deleting a user

  • Transfer items created and shared with a deleted user to a different user.

Reset two-step verification for users

  • Access the Turn off link under two-step verification

Manage groups (add, edit, and delete)*

  • Create and delete user groups

  • Rename user groups

Manage job roles**

  • Create and manage Job roles in the account

  • Assign job roles to users

Create spaces*

  • Create new spaces in the account

Manage Custom Workflows (add, edit, & delete)*

  • Access the Workflow tab and from there add, edit, and delete workflows

Change status and workflow regardless of workflow restrictions

  • Apply any status and workflow to any task even when the status change is locked for other users

Manage custom fields (edit & delete)***

  • Access the Custom fields section in Account Management

  • Overview and manage all custom fields in the account

Add, edit, and delete Automation rules

Configure a team member's work schedule (workweek, holidays, etc.)*

  • Access the Work schedules tab of Account Management

  • Change the month the fiscal year starts on

  • Designate the first day of the week for guest users

  • Choose the default date format for guest users

Manage Timelog categories (add, edit, and delete)*

  • Access the Timelog tab and from there, add, edit, and delete categories

Add, edit, and remove request forms.*

  • Access the Request forms tab and from there, add, edit, and delete request forms

Configure account settings (name, logo, etc.)

  • Edit the subscription’s name

  • Upload logos for branded emails and workspaces

  • Generate account backups

Configure advanced security settings

  • Decide who can invite new users

  • Restrict invitations to a specific domain

  • Specify the type of licenses that users can grant

  • Control attachment settings

  • Manage password policy settings

  • Enable SSO for the account

Generate user's Activity Reports

  • Generate Audit Reports

Export account data

  • Export analytics data

Manage access roles

  • Customize access roles


  • *Marked permissions are granted by default to all new admins.

  • **This permission is available only in accounts with the Wrike for Professional Services package or Wrike Resource add-on enabled. It's granted to all account admins by default.

  • ***By default, only the account owner has this permission. Once the owner grants this permission to an admin who has the right to grant/revoke admin rights, that admin can give this permission to other admins.