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New Experience FAQ

If I’m an existing user, do I need to switch to the New Experience?

If you are currently using the Classic version of Wrike, you can continue to do so. As the New Experience rolls out, the feature will be opt-out by default, so you may choose to continue with the Classic Navigation by opting out of the New Experience.

How can existing users opt out?

Opting out of the New Experience will revert your workspace to the Classic Navigation. You can opt out of the New Experience through your profile menu: Select Profile Menu > Select Disable New Experience. Alternatively, you can disable the New Experience through Wrike Labs.

When will the New Experience be enabled for me?

You can enable the New Wrike Experience right now in Wrike Labs. We've worked very closely with our users to gather feedback on the New Experience to ensure we’re building towards a customer-centric solution. We've planned a phased release for the rollout of the New Experience with more details to come at a later date.

Are you planning to roll out the New Experience to everyone eventually and not allow us to use the Classic Navigation anymore?

A sunset phase is planned dependent on the successful rollout of the New Experience. During this time, communication will be sent to you with details on timelines and support with upcoming transition plans. We'll also provide resources to assist you and your teams with the overall migration process to the New Experience.

How can I learn more about the New Wrike Experience?

When you enable the new features in Wrike Labs, a page will display giving you more details on what to expect. There will also be a walkthrough to highlight the new functionality and show you around. This New Experience Help Center has also been created to help you use and get the best out of the New Experience. Use the search bar at the top to find information on the various features in Wrike. If you're new to Wrike, be sure to check out our Getting Started section first.

Will there be work disruption if some of our team enable the New Navigation and some don't?

No, there won't be any disruption to your work as these changes roll out. Individual users can choose to enable the New Experience in Labs. Wrike views will need to be enabled account-wide by the account admin or owner.

What if I have some feedback on the New Experience?

You can leave feedback directly in Wrike by selecting your profile menu and clicking Leave feedback.

I have some more questions. Where can I get assistance?

You can ask a question in our Community or submit a request for assistance from our Support team.