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Recycle Bin in Wrike

Table 144. Availability






All users, except for collaborators, can view and restore items from the Recycle bin. Account admins can empty the Recycle bin.

When you delete a task, folder, or project, it's moved to the Recycle bin. After an item is deleted from the Recycle bin it can't be restored.

You can access the Recycle bin via the Launchpad 1, the My Home page 2, or the hamburger menu. 3


When you delete attachments, they don't appear in the Recycle bin. But when you delete a task, folder, or project with its attachments, you can find the files when you click the relevant item in the Recycle bin.


Use workspace search to find items in the Recycle bin. Enter a search term and click Recycle bin only under the search field.

You can find more information about deleting and restoring work items on the relevant pages: