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Creating User Subgroups

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User group admins can create subgroups within user groups that they manage. Account admins can create subgroups within any user group in the account. On Enterprise accounts, account admins' right to create subgroups can be revoked.

You can create subgroups within existing user groups and subgroups to add a hierarchical structure element to your group management.

How to create a user subgroup

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace's upper-right corner.

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

  3. Click Users in the left panel to open a list of all users and groups in the account 1.

  4. Hover over the name of the group where you want to add a subgroup and click the + icon to the right of its title 2. If you don't see the group in the list: click next to the magnifying glass icon, start typing the group's name, and click its title once it appears.

  5. In the pop-up which appears:

    • Enter the subgroup's name 3.

    • Select the color for the group's avatar 4.

    • Add subgroup members 5: click Add members and select a user from the list or start typing their name and select them once they appear. To add additional group members, click the + icon.

    • Choose additional group admins 6: click Add Group Admin and select a user from the list or start typing their name and select them once they appear. To add more group admins, click the + icon.


      • If you are a regular user, you won't see the option to add admins because only account admins have the right to assign user group admins.

      • Subgroups automatically inherit the user group admin from the parent user group. The inherited admin cannot be removed from the subgroup.

  6. Click Create 7.


Account admins can also convert user groups into subgroups and vice versa by dragging and dropping groups and subgroups within the Groups section on the left-hand side of the Users page.