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Working Offline in Wrike for iOS

Table 79. Availability






When working offline, you'll be able to access some data that was stored during your current session. Your phone begins storing data from when you log in to your current session, but if you log out or restart your phone, then you’ll have to reopen folders while online to access them offline.

What you can do while offline

  • If you've opened a folder, project, My to-do, Inbox, or Dashboards while online, you can view and open tasks from that section while offline. You can also edit the tasks' titles, assignees, dates, statuses, and folder tags. You’ll only be able to see/open tasks that match the same filters you were using while online.

  • Create new tasks, add comments, and attach files to tasks while offline. When you connect to the internet again, your changes will be synced.

  • Submit requests while you’re offline (for Business or Enterprise users). A task or project is created once you connect to the internet.

  • View Reports while you’re offline. You can only view the reports you’ve opened previously while online.

  • Reorder tasks in folders and projects that you've opened while online to change their priority (sort tasks by “Priority” to do it). Your changes are synced when you connect to the internet again.