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Update the Desktop App

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Wrike's desktop app is available on Windows and Mac for all users (including collaborators).

We regularly release new versions of Wrike's desktop app. That means it's important to update the app so that you're always using the latest version.

You can update the app by:

  • Using auto-updates (new versions of the app download automatically).

  • Checking for updates manually.


Windows users may have the option to enable auto-updates and manually check for updates disabled based on their domain policy.

Enable or disable auto-updates

  1. Open the desktop app.

  2. Click:

    • Wrike if you are on a Mac.

    • File if you are on Windows.

  3. Select Preferences.

  4. From the window that opens, check the Check for new updates on load box to enable auto-updates (or uncheck it to disable them).

  5. Click Save changes.

Auto-updates on Windows

When auto-updates are enabled, a new version of the app is automatically downloaded whenever there's a new version available. You'll be notified about the new version and can then install it (the installation isn't automatic).

Auto-updates on Mac

When auto-updates are enabled, a new version is downloaded and installed automatically. You'll receive a notification that a new version is available and can restart the app to launch the new version.

Check manually for updates

  1. Click:

    • Wrike if you're on a Mac.

    • File if you're on Windows.

  2. Select Check for updates.

  3. If a new version is available, follow the prompts to install it.

App update settings — system admins

System administrators can restrict Windows users' ability to update Wrike's desktop app.

If self-update is disabled, then:

  • The Check for updates option for users is grayed out.

  • Users can't enable automatic update checks.

  • Users don't see notifications about new versions of the desktop app.

  • System admins can mass update the Wrike app using group policies. Detailed instructions are available on Microsoft's Support portal.

To restrict auto-updates for all users, add the following key to the registry:

  • Key: HKLM/Software/Wrike/ElectronDapp/Settings/Autoupdate

  • Value: 0

  • Type: DWORD


    Modifying the registry could make Windows unbootable. Always make a backup of the registry before making changes.