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Student Program


Wrike’s student program allows university students to take advantage of a 15-user Wrike Professional account at no cost. Use Wrike to collaborate with other students, take notes, plan projects, keep track of assignments, plan when work needs to get done, and more.

Register for a student account

If you're a student and have an .edu email address, you can visit our Wrike for Students page and use your .edu email address to register for an account.

Students without an .edu email address can reach out to Wrike Support, and we'll help get you set up. Please let us know the name of your university or college and include:

  • A link to your school's website.

  • A photo of your student ID.

Use Wrike for school

What you need to do

How to use Wrike

Track important due dates

Add tests, quizzes, and project due dates as milestones to help you keep an eye on when important dates are coming up.

Take notes

Keep all your class information in one place by taking notes right in the description field.

Plan your semester

Add milestones and schedule start and end dates for tasks, then switch to the Gantt Chart to get a visual of what work needs to be done or to better plan when you’re going to work on assignments.

Keep track of assignments

Create dashboard widgets to track upcoming assignments or readings for each class.

Break down your work

Split up a big assignment into manageable pieces by using subtasks. Individually schedule and mark each subtask as complete.

Collaborate with classmates

Make sure everyone stays on the same page by using comments and @mentioning to communicate with your teammates.

Work with teams

Invite up to 14 other students to the account and start sharing tasks, folders, and projects with them. Use the assignee field to keep track of who's responsible for what.

Add attachments

Attach Box, Dropbox, or computer files to a Wrike task for easy access.

Turn emails into action items

Take advantage of Wrike’s email integration by turning emails into Wrike tasks.

Access Wrike from your phone

Download our iOS or Android app to use Wrike on the go.