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Creating a Task From the Wrike for Office Documents Add-in

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Wrike for Office Documents (Wrike's Office add-in) allows you to create a file in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and directly attach your file to a Wrike task. You can also use the add-in to create tasks, edit which folders a task is in, change a task's status, download files attached to tasks, or set start and due dates.

Create a task from the add-in

When you open the add-in:

  1. Click + Create new task.

  2. Enter a task title.

  3. (Optional) Add additional details: Specify task assignee, and tag a task with folders and projects.

  4. Set a start and due date: Click the desired start date, then move your cursor to the desired due date and select it.

  5. Click Create task.

Your task is created and tagged with the folder(s) or project(s) you specified. You can click Upload file to attach the file to your newly created task. Make sure you’ve saved your file before attaching it.