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Creating a Task via Email Integration

Table 19. Availability






All users (except collaborators) on all account types can create tasks using the email integration.


You can only create or edit tasks via email by sending messages from an email associated with your Wrike account.

Create a task via email


You can create a maximum of 250 tasks or comments per hour via email integration.

Just follow these steps to create a task:

  1. (Required) Type the task title in the subject line.

  2. Add any relevant task details. Adding additional task details is optional. If you choose not to specify task due dates or status, then the task is set to active and Wrike applies the default folder and date parameters specified in your profile. If you don't specify the folder, project, or space in which the task should be created, then the task is automatically created in the folder, project, or space specified in your profile settings.

  3. Format your subject line. Apart from containing the task title, you can use the subject line to specify any or all of the following: the location (folder, project, space) where a task should be created, the status of the task, and task start and/or due dates. To format your subject line, list the information in any order, but make sure that you put the location title, start/due dates, and task status in brackets, e.g., task title [Folder title] [start date - due date] [task status].

  4. Add email recipients in the “To” field. The task will be assigned to Wrike users whose emails are listed in the “To” field.

  5. Send the task to Wrike. There are a few options for how to do this:

  6. Include “” in the “To” or “CC” field. If “” is the only recipient, the task is assigned to you. If you want to keep the task unassigned put “” in the “BCC” field as the only recipient.

  7. Click Send and your task is added to Wrike.


If you frequently email tasks to the same folder or project, you can add its unique email address ( to your contact book. Then, you can email the task directly to that email address. If you do this, you won't have to include the folder or project's name in the subject line (unless "RE" is also in the subject line). To find a project or folder’s email address, open the folder or project info panel, click the Permalink icon, and then copy the email address listed under Email for sending tasks to this folder.


To create a milestone instead of including a start and due date, specify only the due date: [MM/DD].