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SSO With OneLogin

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OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management provider (IAM). With OneLogin users can access multiple applications, including Wrike, by entering login information once instead of having to log in to each application separately.


More information, including details of the benefits and limitations of setting up single sign-on, can be found on our SSO help page.

Set up OneLogin integration

  1. Log in to your OneLogin account as an admin.

  2. Click the Applications tab.

  3. Click Add App from the workspace’s upper-right corner.

  4. Find Wrike in the list or enter Wrike as a keyword in the search bar and select it from search results.

  5. Click Save from the upper right-hand corner to add Wrike to your applications list.

  6. Next, click the More Actions button in the workspace’s upper-right corner.

  7. Select SAML metadata and an XML file will be generated.

    Use the generated metadata to enable the SAML integration for your Wrike account as described in the "Enable Single Sign-on" section here.

Once the integration is enabled, you'll be able to access Wrike from within your OneLogin profile.