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Adding the Personal App

Table 94. Availability






Each user who wants to use the personal app must enable it.

The personal tab shows:

  • Tasks created by you.

  • Tasks assigned to you.

  • Projects that were added as tabs in MS Teams.

The personal tab allows you to:

  • Click a task to open it in an overlay.

  • Edit key task details.

  • Drag and drop tasks within a column to reorder them.

Add the personal app

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select Store from the left column.

  3. Search for Wrike in the Store search bar on the left.

  4. Select Wrike.

  5. Click Add. Personal app installs automatically.

  6. Next, two options are available:

    1. Create a new team.

    2. Log in to an existing account.

  7. Click Log in to an existing account.

  8. You'll be signed in to your Wrike account automatically. If you're a member of multiple accounts, you'll be asked to select the account from the list.

The personal tab will open, and you can start monitoring work.

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