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Adding a Folder, Project, or Space to Any MS Team's Channel

Table 93. Availability






After you’ve created a Wrike account from Microsoft Teams or linked an existing Wrike account, you can add folders, projects, and spaces to additional channels.

Add a folder, project, or space to channels


You can add the Wrike tab to public channels but not to direct messages or private channels.

  1. Open the channel where you'd like to add a folder, project, or space.

  2. Click the + icon.

  3. Select the folder, project, or space you'd like to access from Microsoft Teams.

A new tab is added for the selected folder, project, or space, and everyone with access to the selected channel can access it.

This folder, project, or space will only be available to users who are a part of your Wrike account.


When you add a folder, project, or space from a Wrike account to an MS Teams channel, that folder, project, or space is shared with everyone in that channel, but it will be visible only to members of this particular Wrike account (if they have access to it).