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Using Document Editor in Wrike

Table 146. Availability






All users, including collaborators, can use Document Editor.

Document Editor is a separate piece of software that you need to install on your computer.

It allows you to edit attachments in Wrike without having to download them. When you save a file that you edited using Document Editor, Wrike automatically uploads it as a new version of the original attachment.


Files uploaded from a cloud storage platform (such as Google Drive) can be edited using the storage platform’s editing tools. To edit this type of file, just click the file attachment in Wrike and begin editing the document.

Edit a file with Document Editor

  1. Right-click an attachment from the attachment list.

  2. Select Edit.

    Document Editor automatically opens the file in the default system editor of that file type. For example,Microsoft Office files open in the appropriate MS Office application or in OpenOffice.

    If you don't have Document Editor installed on your computer, Wrike will offer you to download and install it.

  3. Make changes to the file as you normally would.

  4. Save the file when you're done.

Document Editor instantly uploads the file to Wrike as a new version of the original attachment. You can close the file without having to do anything else.


When you're working for a long time, Document Editor might save files to your desktop, rather than directly to your Wrike account. You can manually upload the newer versions to Wrike as attachments.