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Sharing Tasks

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Regular users and admins on all account types can share tasks.

To see a task, folder, or project in Wrike, they must be shared with you. This means that what you see in your workspace may be different from what your teammates see in their workspaces.

How does sharing tasks work?

Once you share tasks with users they can:

  • Access, view, and edit the tasks.

  • See comments and attachments as well as leave comments in the task and add attachments.

  • Regular users with full access are able to share the task with other users.

  • Access all of the task subtasks.


By default, sharing is inherited from the top down. When you share one task from any folder, project, or space that isn't shared with the user (or a user group) they won't get access to the content of the whole location. However, when you share a folder or a project with the user (or a user group) they automatically get access to all tasks there (as well as to subfolders and subprojects).

Share tasks

There are several ways to share tasks with someone in Wrike.

  1. Navigate to the folder, project, or space where the task is located.

  2. Open the task in Task view.

  3. Click the Share icon on the panel above the task description.

  4. Enter the name of the person (or a user group) you want to share the task with into the search field.

  5. Click their name in the list that appears.

  6. Click Save.

The task is shared with the selected person (or user group). You can share tasks with multiple users at once. Repeat Steps 4-5 before clicking Save.


You can share tasks with someone by @mentioning them in a comment. This also works for sharing tasks with user groups.

The person you shared the task with will receive a notification in their Inbox.

Unshare tasks

You can unshare tasks from certain people the same way you share a task:

  1. Open the task in Task view.

  2. Click the Share icon on the panel above the task description.

  3. Hover over the name of the person you want to unshare the task with and click X.

If you see a Lock icon instead of an X, the task must stay shared with the corresponding person. Hover over it to see an explanation for why it can’t be unshared.


You can't unshare a task from its author.


Can I unshare a task from myself?

Yes. To do so follow the steps in the Unshare tasks section above. However, you can’t do so if you’re the task's author or the folder or project in which the task is located is shared with you. In this case, you can unfollow the task to stop receiving updates.