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@Mention Individual Users and Groups of Users

Table 12. Availability






All users can use @mentions in comments unless their access role restricts leaving comments.

@Mention teammates individually

  1. Open a task 1 or the info panel of the folder or project where you want to @mention someone.

  2. Click the comments section and type the @ symbol followed by the name of the user whom you'd like to mention. 2

  3. Select the name of that user from the list that appears. 3


    If the person has a planned vacation or days off, you'll see Unavailable written next to their name on the list.

  4. Add additional text to your comment.

  5. Click the Send button 4 or use your preferred keyboard shortcut.

    • If the task, folder, or project isn't shared with the person you're @mentioning, you'll see the Share & Send button instead of Send. By clicking this button, you share the item with the @mentioned user. You can reverse your actions by clicking the Undo button in the pop-up that appears at the top of the workspace.

    • If you @mention a user who's unavailable, you'll see a pop-up showing their vacation or non-working dates.


You can also add a comment by going to Stream and then clicking the Add a comment section of the task where you want to @mention someone.

@Mention groups of users


In addition to mentioning your teammates individually, you can @mention:

  1. All task, folder, or project followers: Type the @ symbol 1 and select @followers. 2

  2. All task assignees: Type the @ symbol and select @assignees. 3

  3. User groups: Type the group's name after the @ symbol and then select the group from the list.


    User groups are available on accounts with Business and higher subscriptions.

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