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Creating a Dependency on the Gantt Chart

Table 15. Availability






You can create dependencies from both the table and timeline portions of the Gantt chart.


Tasks with deffered or cancelled status can't be a part of a dependency. Completed tasks can only be added as predecessors.

From the table

  1. Locate a task in the table and double-click the Predecessors column. If you don't see the column, click the gear icon in the table's upper left-hand corner and check the box next to Predecessors.

  2. Find the task that should precede the task from Step 1.

  3. In the task from Step 1, enter the row number from Step 2's task followed by:

    1. FS – to create a Finish to Start dependency

    2. SS – to create a Start to Start dependency

    3. FF – to create a Finish to Finish dependency

    4. SF – to create a Start to Finish dependency

  4. Press Enter on your keyboard.


If you only enter a number, then a Finish to Start dependency is created by default.

From the timeline

  1. Hover over a taskbar.

  2. Click the dot that appears to the left or right of the taskbar.

  3. Drag your mouse to the beginning or end of the task you want to create a dependency with.

  4. Release the mouse button to create the dependency.