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Admins in Wrike

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Admins are users with extended rights. There are two types of admins:

  • Regular admins are users who have been given admin rights. There's no limit to the number of regular admins an account can have.

  • The account owner is an admin and, by default, the person who initially registered for the account. There can only be one account owner per account. Learn how to change the account owner here.

Admins have extended user rights in Wrike but can still only see tasks, folders, and projects shared with them. In Enterprise accounts, the permissions of admin users can be customized.


Being a group or space admin doesn't always confer the same rights as having an admin license type, and shouldn't be confused. Account admin is sometimes used to refer specifically to the admin license type.

Admin user rights

Admin users are able to:

  • Access, view, and edit with the same rights as regular users.

  • Set up and edit account-wide settings like work schedules and job roles.

  • Edit license type, invite and delete other users, and organize users into user groups.

  • Permanently delete items from the Recycle bin.

  • Edit policy settings for invitations, passwords, etc.

A detailed chart comparing the rights of license types, and what each can and can't do, is available on our User Rights by License Type help page.


Can admin rights be customized?

Admins on Enterprise accounts may not have all of the above rights. Please see the Enterprise Account Admin Permissions page for more details.