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Specify User’s Vacations and Non-Working Days

Table 46. Availability






Account admins can specify non-working days for users. For admins on Enterprise accounts, this right may be revoked.

You can create exceptions in the calendars of other account users to denote their vacations, PTOs, or any other non-working days. It's also possible to assign additional working days to users. These exceptions become visible on users' personal work schedule calendars and in their profile cards.


All account users except for collaborators can edit exceptions added to their calendars in Profile settings.

How to create calendar exceptions for individual team members

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace’s upper-right corner.

  2. Select Setting from the dropdown.

  3. Click Work Schedules in the left panel 1.

  4. Click the Users tab 2.

  5. Select the name of the user whose work schedule you would like to edit 3.

  6. Scroll down to the calendar and select a range of dates. Or double-click on a date to create a single-day exception 4.

  7. Select a calendar exception type: Overtime, Vacation/PTO, or Other non-working 5.

A note about the upcoming time off appears in the user's profile card 7 days before the planned vacation starts. Note that this information is not visible to collaborators.