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AI Recommended Tasks

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AI Recommended tasks help you make sure you’re working on the tasks that require most attention first. It adds a widget to the top of your Home page displaying up to 8 active recommended tasks which are assigned to you.


AI Recommended tasks are available on all accounts which use the New Wrike Experience and can be enabled from Wrike Labs by any user for their individual Wrike account. This is an experimental feature and as a result, it: may have bugs, is subject to change, and may be discontinued at any time. Please feel free to use the feedback links in Wrike Labs to share your thoughts on this beta feature.

Our Machine learning model looks at tasks assigned to you and assesses their urgency based on factors such as:

  • Due date

  • Task status

  • Prioritization

  • How often you've edited or commented on them


Recommended tasks should not be confused with task importance, which is set manually for individual tasks.

You can click on any task in the widget to open it in its main location. Tasks with no tags (folders or projects) will be opened in the Shared with me section. The Recommended tasks widget shows 4 tasks by default, click Show more to display more tasks.

The Recommended tasks widget also displays (from left to right):

  • Task assignees

  • Task name

  • The first tag the task has (furthest to the left under the task name)

  • Due date

  • Task status


Click the tree-dot menu button which appears when hovering over the widget title and select Move down or Move up to change the position of the widget on your Home page.


If you want to see all tasks assigned to you go to the My To-Do section.

Enable AI Recommended tasks

Any user can enable AI Recommended tasks for their individual account from Wrike Labs.

  1. Go to Wrike Labs (you will be prompted to log into your Wrike account if you haven't already).

  2. Scroll down until you see the AI Recommended Tasks card.

  3. Click Enable to turn on the feature for your Wrike account.

You can disable this feature at any time by returning to Wrike Labs and clicking Disable.

Important Information

  • Only tasks assigned to you will be visible in this list, but the tasks may have multiple assignees.

  • Once you complete or cancel a task, it will disappear from this list after the page is reloaded.

  • The list of tasks is updated frequently so you may see a different order or list of tasks when you reload.

  • The more you interact with different tasks inside Wrike, the better the model performs.

You can leave feedback for this feature on the Labs page, as well as by clicking Leave feedback which appears while hovering on the widget's title.