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Activity in Wrike for Android

Table 160. Availability






Activity is a special mobile version of the Stream tab that contains additional features, allowing you to track detailed changes and make timely adjustments on the go.

With Activity, you can stay on top of all your running assignments to make sure you don’t miss any updates in active tasks. Activity shows you:

  • Dates and status changes (including info about the previous status)

  • New comments including those that don’t @mention you directly

  • Approval updates

  • Changes in attachments

  • Other updates in tasks you follow. If a task is irrelevant to you, swipe it to the left and Wrike will stop showing it in Activity.

By default, Activity will send you a daily push notification with all your latest updates in one place. You can disable the push notifications in Settings > Activity notifications.

Open Activity

There are a few ways to access Activity:

  • Click the daily push notification to go directly to Activity.

  • Click More in the bottom menu and find Activity on the list.

  • In your Inbox, click the Go to Activity button on the banner at the top. You can hide this banner by swiping right or left. Alternatively, go to Activity or Settings to hide it forever.

Use Activity

In the daily Activity digest you can:

  • Get an overview of all your running tasks and decide whether or not you need to act on some updates.

  • Quickly review all updates including the ones that don’t show up directly in your Inbox.

  • Reply to new messages in your tasks.

Once you open Activity, all updates are marked as read.


Try Activity for a week and leave feedback to help us adjust the experience for your needs. To do this in the app, click More > Feedback.