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Document Processing in Wrike for Android

Table 163. Availability






All users, except collaborators, can use the Document Processing feature to turn a scanned document into text for a description field. All users can use Document Processing to add text to comments unless their access role restricts it.

You can use Document Processing in Wrike's Android app to add text from hard copy documents directly to description fields or comments in tasks, folders, and projects.

Document Processing supports text written in Latin-based languages, e.g., English, French, German, etc.

Use Document Processing

  1. Open a task, folder, or project description.

  2. Tap anywhere to open the description field editor.

  3. Tap the text recognition icon Android_Text_recognition_icon.jpg on the panel below the description.

  4. Take a photo of the text you want to add to the description.

  5. After taking the photo, tap the circled check mark icon. Android_-_Circled_checkmark_icon.jpg Or tap the back arrow to retake the photo.

  6. Adjust the scanned area or tap the panel at the bottom to check and/or edit the recognized text, if necessary.

  7. Tap the blue arrow in the bottom-right corner to add the text to the description. Or, if you were checking the recognized text, scroll down and tap Save.


To use Document Processing while typing a comment, tap the text recognition icon to the right of the comment field and repeat Steps 4–7 described above.