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Account Backup

Table 8. Availability






Account admins can perform an account backup to save a local copy of their account's Wrike data. On Enterprise accounts, it’s possible to restrict admins from performing account backups.

Before creating an account backup, keep in mind:

  • Wrike hosts its servers at two trusted data centers in separate locations and runs real-time database replication, which means that your data is backed up almost every second.

  • Wrike’s security overview has more detailed information about our data centers, uptime, and security policies.

  • Backed up data can’t be imported back into Wrike.

  • You must wait 24 hours after running a backup with the backup tool before using it to run another backup.

What data is backed up

You can back up data related to tasks, folders, and projects that are shared with you. When performing an account backup, you aren't able to back up data related to tasks, folders, and projects that aren't shared with you.

Backed up

Not backed up

Tasks, folders, and projects with their descriptions and time logs

Data in the Recycle bin

File attachments stored in Wrike

Files attached from integrated storage facilities (Box, DropBox, Google Drive)


History of task updates from the Activity Stream

User info (Names, emails, and IDs)