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Disable One-Time Passwords

Table 12. Availability






One-time password usage is enabled in all accounts by default. In Enterprise accounts with SAML SSO or 2-step verification enabled, account admins with the permission to configure advanced security settings can disable the usage of one-time passwords for all users.

  1. Click on your profile image 1 in the upper-right corner of the workspace.

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

  3. Click Security in the left-hand panel 2.

  4. Scroll down to the One-time password section.

  5. Uncheck the box next to Enable one-time passwords 3.

  6. Click Save changes 4.

After you complete these steps, usage of one-time passwords will be disabled for all users in the account.

To re-enable usage of one-time passwords in your account, repeat the steps described above and check the box next to Enable one-time passwords.


  • If your account has SAML SSO or 2-step verification enabled, one-time passwords are required to run a full account backup with the backup tool. If you need to run the backup but one-time password usage is disabled, please contact Wrike's Support Team for assistance.

  • If some users in your account are also members of other Wrike accounts and you disable one-time passwords, these users will lose the ability to use one-time passwords in all of the accounts that they have access to.