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Hyperlinks in the Description Field

Table 123. Availability






Adding links to the task, folder, or project description field is available to all users (except collaborators) on all account types.

When you add a link to the description field and hit Space or Enter Wrike will recognize it and make it clickable.

Please note that this only works for links from the list of supported URL schemes. Account owners and admins on Enterprise accounts with the specific right enabled can configure which links should be added to the list.

Supported URL schemes

Following URL schemes are supported by default and are recognized by Wrike:

  • "http://"

  • "https://"

  • "mailto:"

  • "sftp://"

  • "ftp://"

  • "ftps://"

  • "file://"

  • "smb://"

  • "afp://"

  • "nfs://"

  • "man://"

  • "x-man://"

  • "gopher://"

  • "txmt://"

  • "conisio://"

  • "starteam://"

  • "calshow://"

  • "onenote://"

  • "onenote:http://"

  • "onenote:https://"

  • "notes://"

  • "shareddrive:"

  • "d3://

Add URLs to the list

Account owners and admins on Enterprise accounts with the right to configure advanced security settings can add other URLs to the list. To do so:

  1. Click on your profile picture at the upper-right hand corner of the workspace.

  2. Select Settings from the list.

  3. Open the Security 1 tab.

  4. Scroll to the URL Whitelist.

  5. Click the Add URL 2 button.

  6. Enter the URL and click Add. 3

  7. Click Save changes. 4


To delete a URL from the list of schemes click the X 5 to the right of the URL.