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Tracking Changes in the Description Field

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You have three ways to track changes in the description field: track what's changing in real time, check the Activity Stream, or go to the version history.

Description updates in the Activity Stream

When someone makes a change in the description field, an entry is added to the task, folder, or project’s Activity Stream, showing that a user has updated the description. Click the Updated description text in the Activity Stream to see a pop-up of the changes. If several users were editing the description at the same time, each user’s changes are highlighted with a different color.


Version history

The Version History tool allows you to:

  • See all changes that have been made in the description field.

  • Restore a previous version of the description field's content.

  • See when changes were made and by whom.

To see the version history:

  1. Open a folder, project, or tasks' description field.

  2. Click the Version History 1 icon on the tool panel.

  3. The version history pop-up window opens.


The list of all description versions is displayed to the right of the description field content in the pop-up window 1. Each entry contains changes made within a one-minute period or less.

Users who edited this version are listed in the upper-right corner of the description field 2. Each user's profile image is outlined with a colored line 3. That same color is used to highlight all changes made by the user within the description field.


To open the needed description version:

  1. Click the entry with the needed date and time to the right of the description field. 1

  2. If multiple changes were made within one minute, the drop-down list with all these versions opens.

  3. Select the needed version from the list.

  4. The description to the left changes to the version that was saved at this exact moment.


To restore a version:

  1. Click the needed entry from the list to the right of the description field.

  2. Click the Restore 2 button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

The selected version will be displayed in the description field.