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All users (except for collaborators) can edit the description field of the task, folder, or project.

The description field is a real-time live editor available in tasks, folders, and projects. Information in the description field is automatically and instantly saved so that you and your teammates can work on the same item at the same time and see the changes you make in real time. When someone else is editing the same description, you'll see a cursor with the name of the user who's making changes.

Access the description field:

  • Tasks: from Task view

  • Folders and projects: from the folder or project info panels


Text editing and formatting tools

Once you place your cursor in the description field of a task, folder, or project, the formatting tools panel appears above the description field. Use the icons on the panel to edit and format the description.




Available commands

Description_Field_-_Insert_Heading.png Insert Heading

Adds heading formatting to text

Select text, click the Insert Heading icon, and select a heading from the drop-down menu.

Description_Field_-_Bold.png Bold

Bolds text

  • Click the Bold icon.

  • Press Ctrl+B on your keyboard (Cmd+B if you're on Mac).

Description_Field_-_Italics.png Italics

Italicizes text

  • Click the Italics icon.

  • Press Ctrl+I on your keyboard (Cmd+I if you're on Mac).

Description_Field_-_Underline.png Underline

Underlines text

  • Click the Underline icon.

  • Press Ctrl+U on your keyboard (Cmd+U if you're on Mac).

Description_Field_-_Strikethrough.png Strikethrough

Adds a strikethrough to text

  • Click the Strikethrough icon.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+X (Shift+Cmd+X if you're on Mac).

Description_Field_-_Colors.png Colors

Highlights text and changes its color. Resets text to default: black symbols on a white background

  • To highlight text, click the Colors icon and select a color from the Background section of the drop-down.

  • To change the text color, click the Colors icon and select a color from the Text section of the drop-down.

  • To clear all color formatting, select text, click the Colors icon, and then click Reset to default in the drop-down.

Description_Field_-_Tasklist.png Tasklist

Creates a new tasklist or converts existing text in a tasklist. In tasklists, each item has a checkbox next to it; when you check the box, the item is grayed out

  • Click the Tasklist icon.

  • Type [] at the beginning of a new line and press the Space button on your keyboard.

Description_Field_-_Toggle_Ordered_List.png Toggle Ordered List

Creates a new numbered list or converts existing text into a numbered list

  • Click the Toggle Ordered List icon.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+7 (Shift+Cmd+7 if you're on Mac).

  • Type any number followed by a dot at the beginning of a new line, such as 1., and press Space.

Description_Field_-_Toggle_Bullet_List.png Toggle Bullet List

Creates a new bulleted list or converts existing text into a bulleted list

  • Click the Toggle Bullet List icon.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+8 (Shift+Cmd+8. if you're on Mac)

  • Type * or - at the beginning of a new line and press Space.

Description_Field_-_Indent.png Indent and

Description_Field_-_Unindent.png Unindent

The first button makes the line of text indented. The second one unindents it

  • Click the Indent or Unindent icon.

  • Press Tab or Shift+tab respectively on your keyboard.

Description_Field_-_Insert_Image.png Insert Image

Inserts image in the description

Click here to learn details.

Description_Field_-_Insert_Link.png Insert Link

Hyperlinks highlighted text

  • Highlight the relevant text and click the Insert link icon, and paste the link in the window that appears.

  • Highlight the text and press Ctrl+K on your keyboard (Cmd+K if you're on Mac).


Insert Table

Creates a new table in the description

Click here to learn more.

Description_Field_-_Undo.png Undo

Reverses your last action in the description field

  • Click the Undo icon.

  • Press Ctrl+Z on your keyboard (Cmd+Z if you're on Mac).

Description_Field_-_Redo.png Redo

Reverses your last Undo action

  • Click the Redo icon.

  • Press Ctrl+Y on your keyboard (Cmd+Shift+Z if you're on Mac).

Description_Field_-_Version_History.png Version History

Opens the window showing all changes made to the description field

Click here to learn more.


  • Select some text before using formatting tools to apply formatting to the text.

  • To avoid automatic conversion of *, -, [], and numbers followed by a dot into bulleted and numbered list items and tasklists, hold the Shift key before pressing Space on your keyboard. Alternatively, use the Undo button on the panel or Ctrl+Z on the keyboard to undo the automatic conversion.

  • Use the Indent button to turn items within your numbered and bulleted lists into a sublist. Unindent reverses this action.