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Email Notifications

Table 23. Availability






Email notifications are available for all user types on all Wrike accounts.

Email notifications help keep you notified when other users @mention you and when they make changes to tasks you created, tasks assigned to you, and tasks that you follow. Email notifications aren't static – you can respond to changes and update tasks from your Inbox.


You'll only receive notifications for changes that other users make. Notifications aren't triggered for changes that you make.

How do email notifications work?

Immediate notifications

Wrike sends immediate email notifications to your Inbox six minutes after a change is made to a task, folder, or project. Any additional changes made to the same task, folder, or project during that time period will be included in the same email. By default, Wrike sends you all of the following notification emails (but you can change your email preferences at any time):

  • Someone @mentions me: when someone @mentions you in a task/project/folder comment and a proofing comment

  • Someone assigns me a task : when you're assigned to a task or made a project owner, or when someone starts an approval with you as an approver

  • Folder or task I follow is shared with someone new : when a task, folder, or project that you follow is shared with a new user or user group

  • Report is shared with me or delivered on schedule: when someone shares a new report with you and when your scheduled report is ready

The email notifications described below are available for two categories of tasks, folders, and projects: (1) the ones that are assigned to you or created by you and (2) the ones that you follow. All these notifications are sent to you by default and you can opt out of receiving all or some of them at any time. For example, you can keep receiving notifications when comments are added to a task you created and at the same time opt out of receiving notifications when comments are added to other tasks you follow.

  • Date, Assignee, or Status is changed: when the date, assignee, or status of a task or a project is changed; when someone deletes or restores a task or a project; and when the status of an active approval is changed

  • Task description changes, or files are added: when someone updates a task, folder, or project description; when new files are added to a task, folder, or project; and when a new version of a file or a new file is added to an active approval or the approval itself is changed

  • Someone comments without @mentioning me or my group: when a user adds a comment to a task, folder, or project without @mentioning you or your group and a proofing comment is added or changed

  • Task is added or removed from a project or folder*: when someone adds or removes a task, folder, or project from the existing folder or project


    This email notification isn't sent when the new task, folder, or project is created and added to the project or folder by duplicating it from an existing task, folder, project, template, blueprint, request form submission, or Excel/MS Project import.

Regular notifications

In addition to immediate emails, you can receive daily emails:

  • Daily To-Do email: notifies you about tasks assigned to you and are scheduled for today, or with a scheduled range that includes today, and overdue tasks created by you

  • Daily Digest email: contains information about changes (comments, description updates, etc.) that occurred in the last 24 hours to tasks you follow

Product reminders

Product reminder emails are daily emails about missed @mentions on tasks, folders, and projects. Notifications related to @mentions from the previous 24 hours are combined in one email.

A missed @mention (@mentions that are included in the daily email) is an @mention where all of the following are true:

  • The word "please"or a question mark are in the comment.

  • You didn't make any changes to the item where you were @mentioned in the 24 hours after you were @mentioned.