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Conditional Parents in Request Forms

Table 46. Availability






Account admins and space admins on Business and Enterprise accounts can create request forms.

You can create dynamic request forms that include different questions and change the attributes of the task or project they create based on the answers given.

Assign conditional parent spaces, folders, and projects

Tag tasks and projects created via form submission with an additional parent folder, project, or space when a specific drop-down answer, checkbox, or importance option is selected.

  1. Navigate to the request form builder for the relevant form.

  2. Add a drop-down question.

  3. Add all the necessary response options.

  4. Hover over a response option and select the branching icon on the right 1.

  5. Select Add parent folder 2 from the drop-down (folders, as well as projects and spaces, can all be assigned from this option).

  6. Select a folder, project, or space from the menu.

Click the Add action button to add other conditional branching actions to the same answer option if necessary (i.e., creating an approval). When you’re finished making changes to your form, click Publish or Save.