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Creating Request Forms

Table 34. Availability






Account admins and space admins can create request forms in Business and Enterprise accounts.

Once a request form is created it can be submitted by any user or (optionally) non-Wrike users.

Access the request form builder

The request form builder allows admins to create and edit request forms.

For space admins

Space admins can only build request forms in the spaces they're admins for.

  1. Navigate to the space where you want to create a request form.

  2. Click the gear icon in the top-right hand corner.

  3. Select Request Forms.

  4. Click Create a Request Form if it's the first request form in the space, or + New form if the space already contains forms.

For account admins

  1. Using the green + 1 in the top right of your workspace next to your profile picture, select Request forms 2.

  2. Click Create a Request Form.

  3. If you have existing forms, in the top-left corner of the panel that opens, click Manage forms and + New form.

Alternatively, click your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner, select Settings from the drop-down, and access the Request forms section in the left-hand menu.

Set up the request form


Once you've accessed the request form builder, some information is required.

  1. Enter a name for your request form 1.

  2. (Optional) Provide a description for your form 1 to help users understand what it's for and when to submit it.

  3. Move to the right-hand panel and specify:

    • The space your form should belong to 2.

    • Who should be able to see the form (everyone in your account, specific users and groups, or nobody in your account) 3.

    • If the form should create a new task or project, duplicate a task or project, or create an item from a blueprint 4.

    • (Optional) If you want to enable a public link to the form (for non-Wrike users) and if it should trigger email notifications or contain a CAPTCHA security feature 5.

    • (Optional) Select the folder, project, or space where the items created via the form should be placed 6.


      If you do not choose anything at this step, the item created via form submission will be put in the Shared with me folder.

    • (Optional) Select a status for the task or folder that will be created after form submission 7.


      If you do not select a status, tasks and projects created via request submission will have the first active status of the workflow applied to the folder, project or space where they are created.

    • (Optional) Select a user to assign the created task or project to 8.

    • (Optional) Set up an approval to be created via the request form 9.

    • (Optional) Add a prefix. You can set a prefix for tasks and projects duplicated via a request. The prefix will be a specified answer and is added to all associated subfolders, subprojects, tasks, and subtasks, upon submission.

Add questions to your form

  1. After completing the steps above, click + Question 1.

  2. Choose the question type you want to add from the drop-down.

  3. Enter your question 2 and, depending on the question type, available answers 3.

  4. (Optional) Enter a Helper text to add additional information about the question 4. This information is visible to requesters but won't appear on the resulting task or project.

  5. Click Required to make a given question mandatory to complete the form 5.

  6. You can make questions and answers in your request form conditional, so users are redirected to different questions based on their answer 6.

  7. You can map responses, telling Wrike how to use certain answers in the created task or project.

  8. Publish or Save your request form 7.

    • Click Save to create a draft form that isn't live and you can edit later. Only admins can see requests that are saved in a draft stage.

    • Click Publish to publish the form. Once a request is published, all users who the request is shared with will be able to access and submit it.

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