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External Request Forms

Table 40. Availability






Request forms are available in Enterprise and Business accounts.

Requests in Wrike consist of two parts: the request form builder, which admins use to create and manage request forms, and submission forms, which allow all users and (optionally) non-Wrike users to submit requests.

When you make a request form external:

  • Users within your account can also use the request (unless you choose not to make it visible to them).

  • Anyone with a link to the request form can fill it out and submit it.

  • A unique HTML code snippet for the created form is generated, which can be copied and pasted into one of your website pages, thus embedding the form. This will allow your website visitors to see and submit the form directly from the site.

  • Any logo you've used for a branded workspace will be included in your external request form.

Make a request form external

  1. Navigate to the request form builder for the relevant form.

  2. In the left-hand panel, click Enable public link 1.

  3. By default Add name and email fields 2 is enabled to ensure that you receive the names and emails of respondents. Name and emails are listed at the top of the task or project created. Uncheck to disable.

  4. By default Add CAPTCHA 3 is enabled, and respondents are required to pass the CAPTCHA verification. Uncheck to disable. Note that disabling this option puts you at risk of spam.

  5. Click Publish (for newly created forms) or Save (for existing forms) 4.

  6. You'll see a pop-up with two tabs. You can:

    • Open the link in a new browser tab for testing (from the first tab) 5.

    • See how the form will look for an external submitter (from the first tab) 5.

    • Copy the iFrame HTML code that you can use to embed the form onto your website (from the second tab) 6.

    You can access and copy these links later at any time.


When someone submits a request form they receive an email confirmation letting them know that their request was successfully submitted. This email can be customized.