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Duplicating Existing Items via Request Forms

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Account admins and space admins on Business and Enterprise accounts can create request forms.

You can create a request form, which duplicates an existing project or task, or create a duplicate from a blueprint.

When you set a request form to duplicate a project, task, or blueprint:

  • A duplicate of the selected project, task, or blueprint is created in the workspace each time someone uses the form to submit a request.

  • Tasks in the new project or subtasks of the new task created upon form submission have the same assignees, descriptions, and attachments as the original tasks/subtasks.

Set up duplication with a request form

  1. Navigate to the request form builder of the relevant form.

  2. In the left-hand panel under Actions upon submission select Duplicate task or Duplicate project 1.

  3. A pop-up appears where you can:

    • Start typing the name of the required task/project and click it 2.

    • Click the blueprint tab to select a blueprint to duplicate 3.

Reschedule duplicated items

  • When duplicating an item via a request form, it can also be rescheduled. Under Reschedule copied tasks/projects in the left-hand panel, you can select:

    • Don't reschedule: makes the task dates identical to the scheduled dates in the original project, task, or blueprint.

    • Align with project/task start date: the first task/subtask starts on the same date as the project/parent task.


      If you choose to align dates with project or parent task dates, then the request form must contain a question that's mapped with a corresponding date.

    • Align with project/task end date:the last task/subtask ends on the project's/parent task's end date.

Add a prefix


You can set a prefix for tasks and projects duplicated via a request. The prefix will be applied to all associated subfolders, subprojects, tasks, and subtasks upon submission.

  1. In the left-hand panel of the request form builder select Add prefix 1.

  2. Click Select a question and choose one of the questions from the request form 2.

When someone submits the form, the answer they provide to the question designated for setting the prefix is added to the title of the newly created task, or if it’s a project, to its title and all items within.


Request submitters must answer the question for a prefix to be added.

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