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Sorting and Filtering Tasks in Board View

Table 16. Availability






All users on all account types can use Board view.

Sorting and filtering tasks in Board view allows you to designate how tasks are sorted within columns and which tasks show up on boards.

Filter tasks in Board view

You can apply filters to see only specific files in your Board view.

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in Board view.

  2. Click the current filtering option on the top left side of the Board view, next to the filter icon. 1

  3. Choose your filter option:

    • All tasks, All active tasks, and My active tasks are available in the drop-down by default.

    • Click More filters 2 in the drop-down to open a filtering panel and filter by any field.


Change sorting in Board view

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in Board view.

  2. Click the current sorting option (to the right of filtering options) at the top left of the view. 1

  3. Choose the sorting option you want to apply from the drop-down list.


Available sorting options


Priority is the default sorting setting for Board view. When sorting tasks by priority, you can drag and drop tasks to change their priority. The closer a task is to the top of the list, the higher its priority.

All users who have access to the folder, project, or space see tasks in the same order when they sort by priority. For example, when you sort by priority and change task order, your teammates will also see the new task order when they look at the folder, project, or space and sort tasks by priority.

When you change task priority in Board view, it changes in List view as well.

Due date

When sorting tasks by the due date, tasks with earlier due dates appear before tasks with later due dates.


When you sort tasks by importance, tasks set to High importance are listed first, followed by tasks with Normal importance, and then tasks with Lo w importance. You can change task importance right from Board view:

  1. Hover over a task.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button that appears in the top right corner. 1

  3. Hover over Importance 2 and select the new importance for the task. 3



Sort tasks by title to see a folder, project, or space’s tasks listed alphanumerically.