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Creating Spaces

Table 31. Availability






By default, all users, except for collaborators and external users, can create new spaces. In Enterprise accounts, it's possible to reserve the right to create spaces for admins and owners only in security settings.

Create a new space

There are two ways of creating a space.

Create a brand new space

  1. Click the + 1 in the upper-right corner of your workspace.

  2. Select Space. 2

  3. In the windowpane that opens:

    • Enter the name of the space. 3

    • Choose whether the space should be public or private. 4

    • Invite users to the space by clicking the field in the Members section 5 and selecting a user or a user group from the list. If you don't see someone, start typing their name and select them once they appear.

    • Select space admins by finding a user to make an admin, clicking their current role to the right of their name 6, and selecting Admin.

    • Specify the recommended and default workflows for the space. 7

    • Change the space’s icon by clicking Change icon 8 in the lower left-hand corner and selecting the background and emoji.

    • On Business and higher accounts, you can select which access role should be assigned to the My Team group in a public space.

  4. Click Create. 9


You can also create new spaces from the Home page. Click Explore spaces next to the Spaces section and then click Create Space in the window that opens. Alternatively, click the + icon to the right of the Spaces section.

Create a new space from an existing project or folder

  1. Navigate to the space where the relevant item is located.

  2. Right-click the folder or project name in the left-hand panel. 1

  3. Select Create space from this folder/project. 2

  4. Set up your space as necessary by following Step 3 of the manual above.

  5. Click Create.


When you create a space from an existing folder or project, the structure inside the created space remains the same as it was within the original folder or project.

Items located inside the original folder or project aren't duplicated to the new space but are simply tagged to it. So, if you change the structure within the newly created space, the same changes will apply to the original folder or project.