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Adding Tools to Spaces

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Space admins can add tools to spaces that they manage.

You can add dashboards, Workload charts, and calendars to your space to give all space members quick access to team-specific tools.

Add tools to spaces

Create new tools from a space

  1. Navigate to the relevant space.

  2. Click + 1 next to the Tools section in the left panel.

  3. Select the tool that you want to add. 2

  4. Enter the name of the tool. 3

  5. (Optional) Change the space where the tool will be located if necessary.

  6. (Optional) For Workload charts, specify additional settings.

  7. Click Create. 4

Your new calendar, Workload chart, or dashboard is created immediately. You can proceed to create calendar layers, configure Backlog Box, or create dashboard widgets.