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Creating Analytics Boards From Templates

Table 5. Availability

Wrike Analyze

Wrike for Marketers Performance

Wrike for Professional Services Performance


Regular users can create and view analytics boards. External users and collaborators can only view analytics boards shared with them.

You can use one of the available pre-built templates to create a powerful analytics board instantly or create one from scratch.

Available templates

There are five templates available:

  • Project Portfolio Status shows comprehensive information about the status of the project portfolio, including:

    • KPI widgets showing the number of active and overdue projects, completion rate percentage, and a number of active tasks

    • Breakdowns of projects by status and owner/status

    • Pivot table with detailed information about the project

  • Project Status shows comprehensive information about the status of one or multiple projects:

    • KPI widgets showing the number of active and overdue tasks, completion rate percentage based on the number of tasks, and their duration

    • Breakdowns of tasks by status and owner/status

    • Project burndown chart

    • Calendar widget showing the number of completed tasks by days

    • Pivot table with detailed information about tasks

  • Productivity Analysis allows you to review how effective the process is and where the bottlenecks are:

    • Tasks created and completed this month, with a comparison against the previous month

    • Average completion time this month versus last month

    • Average time tasks spent in certain statuses (as Area Chart and Pivot Table)

    • Top status changes (as Bar Chart and Pivot Table)

    • Details on every task with regards to how much time it spent in statuses

  • Sprint Overview shows information on team progress within the sprint:

    • Sprint scope

    • Percentage of completed tasks

    • A total number of tracked hours for the sprint

    • Progress in effort and story points

    • Tasks created and added to the sprint after its start

    • Burnup and burndown charts showing progress

  • Agile Velocity enables you to see the average values to plan your team’s work more efficiently:

    • A total number of completed sprints

    • An average number of completed tasks, story points, and tracked hours per sprint

Creating a board from a template

  1. Go to Reports (click the launchpad icon and select Reports there or click Reports on the home page).

  2. Select the needed template from the list of options:

    1. Project Portfolio Overview

    2. Project Status

    3. Productivity Analysis

    4. Sprint Overview

    5. Agile Velocity

  3. Select folder(s), project(s), or space(s) that contain all the required projects in the portfolio.

  4. The created board is open.


Next, you can customize the created board by adding new widgets or by applying additional filters.