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Forecasting Future Results

Table 57. Availability

Wrike Analyze

Wrike for Marketers Performance

Wrike for Professional Services Performance


Wrike Analyze enables you to easily forecast future values based on historical data. The flexible forecast settings allow you to simply change a parameter and see how it affects future values, so you can understand which scenario will help you meet your targets and take the right business decisions.


Forecasting can be applied to the following widget types: line chart, area chart, column chart.

All users who have access to the widget with the forecasting feature enabled can view and interact with the forecast.

Add forecasting to your widgets:

  1. Create a widget with one of the supported widget types (line chart, area chart, column chart).

  2. Place a time variable on the X-axis and the time-dependent variable that you want to forecast on the Y-axis.

  3. Click theowl.png icon under the forecasted variable and select Forecast.

  4. Toggle on the Visible control at the top of the Forecast Settings window to enable the forecast.

  5. From here you can edit additional settings:

    1. Add an explaining variable;

    2. Change evaluation and forecast periods.

  6. Click on Advanced to set up additional values (confidence, model type, boundaries limitations).

  7. Click Apply to save changes.

To access a forecast:

  1. Hover over the widget.

  2. Click on Analyze it.

  3. Hover over Forecast and select Forecast Settings.

  4. Check the settings and click Apply.