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Exporting Analytics Boards

Table 16. Availability

Wrike Analyze

Wrike for Marketers Performance

Wrike for Professional Services Performance


You can export your analytics boards as PDF files or images.


Project/task status labels and colors might be distorted when exporting to PDF. We recommend setting the colors manually for each status in widget settings.

Export a board

  1. Navigate to Reports and open the analytics board that you want to export.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the workspace.

  3. Select Export from the list that appears.

  4. Select the export type from two possible options:

    1. PDF file

    2. Image

  5. You can additionally select which data you want to show up in the exported file: Just check (or uncheck) boxes next to “Show Dashboard Title," “Show Dashboard Filters," and “Show Data Set Info."


You can export selected widgets from any analytics board as an image or CSV file. Learn more here.