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Changing Assignees of Tasks and Projects on Workload Charts

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All users, except for collaborators, can change task assignees on Workload charts that they have access to unless their access role restricts it.

In some cases, team members might not have enough time to finish work. On Workload charts in Wrike, you can reassign separate tasks and whole projects from one user to another while keeping the final assignee's workload in check.

Reassign tasks on a Workload chart

  1. Navigate to the relevant Workload chart.

  2. Locate the task you want to reassign.

  3. Click and hold the task, and drag it to the row of the user to whom you want to reassign.

  4. Release your mouse.

  5. (Optional) If the new assignee has a different job role, confirm your decision in the pop-up that appears.

Once you complete all the steps, the task is reassigned to the user.

Reassign projects on a Workload chart


Reassigning projects is only available when grouping by project is enabled for the chart.

Instead of reassigning tasks one by one, you can reassign all tasks within a project by dragging the whole project from one user to another on the Workload chart. Tasks will be reassigned if they:

  • Are housed within the project you reassign and within the folder that's used as a source for the Workload chart.

  • Are assigned to the original user that you reassign the project from.

  • Fall all under the filters applied to the Workload chart.

To reassign projects on the Workload chart:

  1. Navigate to the relevant Workload chart.

  2. Locate the project you want to reassign.

  3. Hover over the project's title until the drag icon Workload_-_Drag_Projects_Icon.png appears to the left.

  4. Click and hold the icon.

  5. Drag the project to the row of the user you want to reassign the project to.

  6. Release your mouse.

Once you complete all the steps, the tasks within the projects will be assigned to the user.


Use the same steps to reassign tasks and projects from and to job roles within the horizontal Backlog Box before you assign the tasks to users on the Workload chart.

Add additional assignees to tasks and projects

  1. Navigate to the relevant Workload chart.

  2. Click and hold the task or project you want to assign to an additional user.

  3. Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard (Option key for Mac users).

  4. Drag the task to the row of the users that you want to add as an assignee and release your mouse.


You can also use this feature to avoid automatic replacement of job roles with users when you drag the task from the Backlog Box to the user with the matching role. In this case, the task will stay assigned to the job role and will also get assigned to the user.