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Moving Tasks From Workload Chart Back to Backlog Box

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All users, except for collaborators, can move tasks to Backlog Boxes in Workload charts that they have access to, unless their access role restricts it.

If you need to make changes to task assignees on the Workload chart, you can move tasks already assigned to users back to the Backlog Box.

Move tasks back to Backlog Box

  1. Navigate to the relevant Workload chart.

  2. Click the task that you want to move to a backlog.

  3. Click the three-dot menu button in the task preview that opens.

  4. Select Move to backlog.


    This option is appears in the three-dot menu when the Backlog Box is configured.

Once you move the task from the Workload chart to the Backlog Box:

  • It disappears from the Workload chart and appears in the Backlog Box.

  • The task keeps the same dates as it had on the chart.

Other conditional changes:

  • If the task had a job role that was automatically replaced once it was assigned to a user with the matching role via drag-and-drop, the job role will be assigned back to the task when you select Move to backlog.


Alternatively, to move a task to backlog, unassign it from the team members who are displayed on the Workload chart.