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Custom Field Data Rollup vs. Custom Field Data Aggregation

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In Wrike, there are two types of automatic calculation for custom fields:

  • custom field data rollup

  • custom field data aggregation

The two produce similar results, but they work very differently.

Custom field data rollup vs. custom field data aggregation

Custom Field Data Rollup

Custom Field Data Aggregation

Used to automatically fill in a project’s custom field based on the custom field values of its tasks and subtasks.

Used to calculate the sum or average of all custom field values for all projects, tasks, and subtasks that you add to the Table view currently.

Automatically calculates custom field values of tasks and subtasks within a project, and sets the result of the calculation as the project’s custom field value.

Calculates the custom field values and displays them on the Table view.

Can be enabled in the project’s info panel and on Table view.

Can be enabled on Table view.

The type can’t be changed from the Table view because it depends on the custom field’s setting. Y ou must edit the custom field and change the default aggregation type.

You can change the type to Sum, Average, or None right on the Table view.

On Table view, you can enable custom field data rollup and custom field data aggregation at the same time. For example, you might want to see both a sum and an average for a selection of data.