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Rolling Up Custom Field Data

Table 11. Availability






Regular users can enable custom field data rollup for projects and folders unless their access role restricts it.

Rolling up custom field data is an easy way to populate custom fields of projects or folders. It uses data based on values from tasks that live within the project or folder.

When you enable custom field data rollup:

  • Wrike takes all values of this custom field from the subprojects/subfolders, tasks, and subtasks within the project or folder. It automatically calculates their sum or average and enters the result in the project or folder's custom field.


    Values from subprojects are taken into account only if they were entered manually. If the subproject’s custom field value was also rolled up, it won’t be counted.

  • Wrike calculates the rolled-up value for the project/folder as a sum or average according to the default aggregation set in this custom field’s properties.

  • If you or other users manually entered a value for this custom field in the project/folder previously, it will be cleared and replaced with the rolled-up value.

  • The project/folder’s custom field will not be editable until you disable data rollup.


You can roll up data only for Number, Percentage, Currency, and Duration types of custom fields.

Roll up custom field data from project/folder info panels

  1. Navigate to the folder or project.

  2. Open its info panel.

  3. Hover over the custom field you want to roll up the data for.

  4. Click on the Aggregate values from children icon.

After you complete the steps, the rolled-up value will be automatically entered in the custom field of the project or folder.

To disable data rollup for this project or folder, simply click on the Aggregate values from children icon again, and the custom field will become editable.

Roll up custom field data from Table view

On Table view, you can enable rollup for multiple folders and projects at the same time:

  1. Navigate to the folder, project, or space that contains all the projects and folders you want to enable or disable rollup for.

  2. Switch to Table view.

  3. Click the caret icon in the column title with the name of the field you’d like to roll up.

  4. In the menu that appears, hover over Roll up.

  5. Select Enable/Disable for all projects.

  6. Click Enable/Disable in the pop-up that appears.

After you complete the steps, values in this field will be immediately rolled up for all folders and projects that are currently on the view. Or you can choose to disable it, and the custom field will become editable.


Rollup is also available for project dates and the Effort column.


Why don’t I see the rollup icon?

The custom field’s default aggregation may be set to None. You need to edit the custom field and change it to Sum or Average.

Or you may not have the right to edit custom fields in the current folder or project due to access role limitations.

Additionally, make sure that the custom field you are trying to roll up is a Number, Percentage, Currency, or Duration type.