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Aggregating Data From Custom Fields

Table 12. Availability






Aggregating data allows you to automatically run calculations for custom fields with numeric values (text entries are omitted).

There are two types of aggregation:

  • Sum: All numeric entries are added up.

  • Average: All entered values are added together and then divided by the total number of entries.

Aggregation of custom fields is available only on Table view. When you enable aggregation, Wrike automatically calculates the sum or the average of the values of all child items currently visible on Table view. The calculation result is displayed on the row of the parent folder, project, or space on the view.


Aggregation is not available for checkbox, date, or users types of custom field. For duration-type fields, you can only use Sum aggregation.

How to aggregate data from custom fields

  1. Navigate to the folder, project, or space that contains the custom fields with the data that you want to aggregate.

  2. Switch to Table view.

  3. Click the caret icon to the right of a column name.

  4. Hover over Aggregation.

  5. Select Sum or Average.

The result is calculated automatically and appears in a smaller gray font on the view.

To disable custom field data aggregation, repeat the steps above but select None in Step 5.


When I enable aggregation, why are there two different values in one cell on a project/folder/space?

Aggregation auto-calculates values and displays them in a gray font in the cell of the parent project/folder/space. If there’s already a value in that cell that was entered manually or rolled up, both values are displayed.