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Rearranging Columns in Table View

Table 9. Availability






By default, Table view has columns: Title, Start date, Due date, Duration, Status, and Assignee. You can also add columns: Author, Importance, Date of creation, Date of completion, ID, and Status group.


Professional and higher accounts can also add a Predecessors column. Business and Enterprise customers can add Time spent, Progress, and Custom field columns. Users with Wrike for Professional Services accounts and accounts with Wrike Resource can add an Effort column.

Add columns to Table view

To add a column for a default or custom field to Table view:

  1. Click the + 1 sign on the far right-hand side of the table.

  2. Select the field you want to add or start typing its name and select it from the list when it appears. 2


When you add a new column to the table, it's added to the far right side of the table. If you want to add a column to a particular place:

  1. Hover over the column's name.

  2. Click the caret icon that appears. 3

  3. Select Insert column to the left or Insert column to the right. 4



To mass add columns: Click the gear icon in the top left corner of the table 5, check the boxes next to the columns (or group of columns) 6, and click anywhere outside the window.


Rearrange columns

Use drag-and-drop in Table view to rearrange columns in the order you prefer.

  1. Click a column’s title.

  2. Drag the column to a location and then release the mouse button.

Freeze column order

You can freeze columns in the table so that when you scroll, the columns stay in one place. To do so:

  1. Click the caret icon next to the column title. 1

  2. Select Freeze column. 2

The column will stay on the left side of the table while you scroll.

To unfreeze a column, drag and drop it to any other place in the table or repeat the steps above and select Unfreeze column.

Hide columns

  1. Click the gear icon in the table’s upper left-hand corner.

  2. Uncheck the box next to a column's name to show or hide that column from view.

Additionally, you can hover over a column's title, click the caret icon that appears on the right, and select Hide column. 3