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Sorting in Table View

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There are different sorting options available when viewing tasks in Table view. You can sort items by priority or by any column visible in Table view.

Change how tasks are sorted

Click a column's title to apply sorting by ascending values in this column. Click the same title again to apply sorting in descending values.

To sort items by Priority, Due Date, Status, Importance, or Title:

  1. Click the current sorting option in the top-left of Table view 1.

  2. Choose the sorting option you want to apply from the drop-down list 2.


Priority is the default sorting setting for Table view. When sorting tasks by priority, you can drag and drop tasks vertically to change their priority; the closer a task is to the top of the list, the higher the priority.

Change task priority

Regular and external users can drag and drop tasks to change priority.

  1. Click and hold a task's row number on the left side of the view.

  2. Move the task vertically to the appropriate location on the table. You'll see a blue line indicating where the task will be moved.

  3. Release your mouse.