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Editing Data From Table View

Table 8. Availability






You can edit task, folder, and project details from Table view.


If you've rolled up data in the column, then in order to edit values in this column you first need to disable rollup.

Edit values from Table view

Double-click any field to edit its data or paste data to table cells by using the keyboard shortcuts (Cmd+V on MacOS and Ctrl+V on Windows).

You can mass edit cells in Table view by dragging the needed value (or values) per column:

  1. Click the cell in a column you want to fill in. To select several cells in one column, hold your mouse button and drag the cursor down the column, selecting cells as you go. Release your mouse button when you're done.

  2. Click the small square icon in the right corner of the cell(s). 1

  3. Hold your mouse button and drag the cursor to the needed cell.

  4. As a result:

    1. If you select one cell, the same value is populated to all the selected cells.

    2. If you select more than one cell with a sequence of numbers (or dates), the list continues.

    3. If you select multiple number values (dates, effort, duration, etc.) the pattern of these values continues throughout the column.

    4. If you select multiple cells with different values and no sequence (text, drop-down, and checkboxes), these values are populated in a cycle throughout the column.


Some fields (Task ID, Creation date, Task author, and Billing type) can't be edited.


You can copy any value from a cell (or cells) and paste it to another cell in the table. Use keyboard shortcuts for that (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on Windows and Cmd+C, Cmd+V on Mac). Note that the format of these cell values should be the same.