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Dragging and Dropping Items in Table View

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You can drag and drop a task, folder, or project to move it to a different folder/project or convert a task into a subtask.

Change an item's location

  1. Click and hold a task, folder, or project's row number on the left side of the view.

  2. Drag the item:

    1. Over the title of a task, folder, or project into which you want to move it.

    2. Or, if a task, folder, or project's task list is expanded, anywhere in the list. You'll see a blue line and border around the title of the task, folder, or project, where it'll be moved.

  3. Release your mouse.

The item is moved to a new location and its position in the table depends on the applied sorting option.


To drag and drop a range of tasks at once, click the first task in a range, press and hold Shift on your keyboard, and click the last task in the range. Note that these tasks must be on the same level (so you can't have a task from a folder and a task from its subfolder in the same selection).