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Adding Approvals to Request Forms

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Account admins and space admins can add approvals to request forms.

Add approvals to request forms

To add approvals to a request form:

  1. Open a request form you want to edit or create a new one. There are two ways to do that.

  2. Next, on the panel to the right, under Create approval click Add approval.

  3. After that you can:

    1. Add approver(s) to the task or project that's being created. Note that if you don’t select approvers, only an approval draft is created. You'll have to create an approval from the draft manually.

    2. Set the approval due date. Enter 0 if you need the task or a project to be approved the same day.

    3. Select to finish approval automatically when all approvers give their decision.

    4. Select to change the task/project status depending on the approver’s decision.

    5. Add the approval description.

    6. Automatically add files attached to the task/project, via a request form, to the approval.

  4. Click Save or Publish (if you're creating a new form).

It's possible to add conditional approvals to request forms. This way approvals are created only if the specific answer is chosen.


When you add both an approval and conditional approval, each with differing conditions, all users assigned as approvers in the request form (both from conditional approval and the general approval) will be added as approvers to a task or a project.